Alan Levy started Goaltrac in February, 2008 after 21 years as a regional planner, Main Street manager, city-wide façade program manager in San Diego, neighborhood commercial district program officer for the national office of LISC, and Director of the Office of Neighborhood Commercial Revitalization, Deputy Director of the Planning and Development Department and Director of Planning for the City of Detroit.

In working for and then with numerous nonprofits he has been frustrated by the unique demands made on staff in their work with volunteers at both the board and committee levels.  A lack of consensus by the board on priorities or even changing priorities can can the organization to flounder and lose momentum no matter how capable the staff.  In answer to these difficulties, Levy developed a version of strategic planning called “Strategic Workplanning”—a blend of traditional strategic planning with operations planning. In a retreat format, he has honed techniques to bring fast consensus on mission, structure, priorities and projects.

Committees can also benefit from this same approach at the project level.  These techniques help organizations move past the operational issues that impede progress and allow them to focus on the programs and projects that further the group’s mission.

To help organizations track progress on their priorities, Levy developed a companion software solution called “Goaltrac” which makes it easier to capture and display the results of the strategic workplanning process. Goaltrac shows only the most vital information in an easy-to-read format.  As a relational database, Goaltrac links the information so it is easy to track projects, assess progress and manage workflow without the steep learning curve and time-consuming upkeep of traditional project management software.

In the last six years Goaltrac has worked with over 30 organizations to improve their performance using the Strategic Workplan process.